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Blue-stemmed goldenrod [Solidago caesia]

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Common Name: Blue-stemmed goldenrod
Scientic Name: Solidago caesia
Colors: Yellow
Months Appearing: August

1/2 to 3 ft tall. Arching stem, purple in color. 

Flowers in small clusters of 1-12 flowerheads. Each about 1/8 inch in diameter in the axils of middle to upper leaves plus a terminal panicle.( Collection of small flowers at tip of plant.) 

Leaves have prominent central vein and are sessile (No leaf stalk.) and hairless. 

Rich woodlands. Tolates moderate shade. One of only a few Goldenrods to be found in shaded areas.Another is Zigzag goldenrod.

Woods, Benzie County, Michigan near M22 and Crystal Lake.  8/19,  2290, 2291,