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Northern water-plantain [Alisma triviale]

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Common Name: Northern water-plantain
Scientic Name: Alisma triviale
Colors: White
Months Appearing: August

Native. Perennial. Aquatic plant. 6 to 40 inches tall. Also called  "Large -flowered water-plantain".

Flowers: Three petals with yellow center. Petals longer than sepals. 1/4 to 3/8 inch in diameter. Open clusters on many branches. Looks like Arrowhead flowers but much smaller.

Similar to Alisma subcordatum, Southern water-plantain. (Sepals as long or longer than petals.)

From center of a rosette of leaves a stalk, up to 3 feet tall, has an extensively branched panicle of flowers. Leaves are pointed oval or eliptical.

" Frog pond" at Chimney Corners Resort, Benzie County, Michigan.  8/14   2160, 2162, 2165



Aquatic (In Standing Water)


Basal Leaves Only