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Purplestem beggar-ticks [Bidens connate]

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Common Name: Purplestem beggar-ticks
Scientic Name: Bidens connate
Colors: Yellow
Months Appearing: August, September

Also called Swamp beggar-ticks. Native. Annual. In Europe Bidens comosa and connata or buched together into one genus, Bidens tripartita.

Up to 40 inches tall. Stem is purple or green and smooth.

Leaves sharply pointed, toothed sometimes with wnged petiole. 

Flower has an errect head, 1/4 to 1/2 inch indiameter. Abscent or very small ray flowers.

Wet places. Edge of pond in Coolbough Natural Area, Newago County. 9/4   2857, 2861, 2855