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Common Mullein [Verbascum thallus]

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Common Name: Common Mullein
Scientic Name: Verbascum thallus
Colors: Yellow
Months Appearing: September

Also called Great Mullein, Velvet Plant, Flannel Plant. Non-native. Up to 7 feet tall.

First year rosette of basal leaves. Stalk and flowers second year. Has a taproot.

Flowers on a club like spike up to 2 feet long. Densely packed. 3/4 inch in diameter. Only a few open at a time.

Leaves in basal rosette, very large up to 15 inches. Becoming smaller as they ascend stem. Felt-like or velvety. 

Disturbed areas, waste places. White Pine ATrail, Big Rapids, MI, 9/16, 6848, 6850, 6852